If you want to manufacture the best items, you will need the best supplies. Here they are!

The quality of your products starts with the right components


If you want to stand out of your competition and make remarkable products that your clients will want to buy over and over, then you need to take care of all quality details. One basic of manufacturing is choosing the right supplies, because you can't make a good product out of poorly made parts. The purpose of Essentials Brackets and Straps is to produce the best components for your ratchets, brackets and cable ties. We work every day and constantly update our information in order to make sure that we use the best materials and the latest fabrication techniques, so our products have no match in the market.


When you use our components, your own products leap forwards in quality and appeal. You can beat the competition and step up your game with Essentials Brackets and Straps. Contact us today and find more about our gallery of best products for all your needs!


We have a wide range of components

When you look for supplies for your productive processes, it isn't unusual that you don't find all you need in one place. You need to shop around and see many component manufacturers, until you can gather the best components for all your products. With Essentials Brackets and Straps, that's a thing of the past. We have the widest range of supplies in the market, and in our showrooms you can get to see them all and try them so you can appreciate how solid the pieces are and how well they work. We are glad to receive you and show you all you want to see.



With Essential Brackets and Straps you will find the best version of all components you need, in one place, and at a ver competitive price. Don't waste your precious time shopping around. This is your one stop for supplies!


Find about our industry leading components for all purposes

If you are looking to start out your company or entrepreneurship in ratchet and strap manufacture, you need to identify the supplier that will do best for you. We at Essentials Brackets and Straps are happy to help you and answer all your questions. We have years of experience that we want to share with you. 

Contact us today and we will make an appointment with you. We will offer you our free advice on how to build your supply chain and your productive process, according to the market's interest and the niche that you are targeting. You will access our full catalogue of products and parts so you can build your own supply of components!


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Our clients know where to buy their materials.

"The products at Essentials Brackets and Straps are just the best. I've seen nothing better in my years of experience. When I work I feel confident that my men and I are safe because we are in good hands."
Patrick Jones


"Essential Brackets and Straps is the best place to buy all you need for making straps and ties. We are in the process of positioning our products in the market and Essential has done a great job for us."
John Coulson
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